The produce

Our recipes use the ingredients we have cultivated and harvested with the utmost care. Everywhere you look at Vite, you can see the passion and commitment of San Patrignano’s young men and women: from the wallpaper to the tablecloths and the furnishings, made in the Community’s professional training workshops.

The wines

Our vineyards cover the hills surrounding the Community, about 200 meters above sea level, and extending over 100 hectares. Each step of production is carried out by the young men and women of San Patrignano. Noted oenologist Riccardo Cotarella has been a valuable partner for years and has led our wines to receive accolades from respected critics and guides in Italy and abroad.


Our oil

Our olive oils originate in two regions of Italy. Il Paratino is from Cecina (Tuscany) and Evo from Coriano (Emilia Romagna). Our methods respect ancient tradition and are entirely manual, all the way through the harvest. Both oils are extra virgin and non filtered, coming from local cultivars like Moraiolo, Correggiolo, and Rossina.



The cheeses coming from San Patrignano’s creamery are made with 100% natural ingredients, without artificial preservatives or additives of any kind. The absolute quality of the cow, sheep and goat’s milk means that the cheeses are not only nutritious, but also unsurpassed in flavor and richness. Master affineur Vittorio Beltrami has guided the young men in the creamery for years, sharing his expertise and passion.



The cattle breeding activity, with 350 head and 160 births annually of Chianina breed (raised in the Botticella-Novafeltria branch of the Community) is one of the cornerstones of San Patrignano’s farming activities. A true passion and respect for nature and living things, meticulous breeding and state-of-the-art insemination techniques, selection of high quality natural feed: these are the characteristics that ensure the best meats come from San Patrignano’s farms
The highest level of quality and taste is achieved thanks to the help of master butcher Franco Cazzamali of Romanengo (Cremona) who has been a friend for many years.



San Patrignano has been working for ten years to preserve the Mora Romagnola rare breed pig. Currently the Community is home to more than 150 head, making it one of the most important breeding facilities in the country. The Brinato, breed originating at the end of the nineteenth century through cross-breeding of Mora Romagnola and Large White, just then arriving in the Romagna region. The meat from these two distinct breeds are excellent, consumed fresh, but also very fine cured into salumi of all types. All aspects of the butchering and portioning are carried out in the Community’s own workshops.


Bread and bakery products

Every day at dawn, San Patrignano’s bakers wake to produce a variety of fresh breads for Vite’s tables. From Tuscan to Apulia – style, Marchigiano, to bread scented with bran, apples, black pepper or other aromas. Baguettes, ciabattas, breadsticks, focaccia with honey and orange blossoms, pineapple or lavender. And then there’s sliced bread with squid ink and candied lemon, brioches with coffee, black pepper and dark chocolate with crispy cocoa nibs. All the specialty breads are made with natural mother yeast which is cared for daily by our bakers. Famed baker Giuliano Pediconi from the Marches region is an esteemed teacher and partner.



San Patrignano’s Botticella branch (in the Marches region) is surrounded by 100 hectares of pastures, and woods full of chestnut and acacia trees. These abundant natural resources provided the basis for the Community’s foray into apiculture. From an initial ten hives, built in our own carpentry workshops, we have expanded our line to include acacia, wild flower and chestnut honey. We follow each step of production very closely, from the centrifuge extraction to the filtering and packaging, all done on site. The idea for the project came from a need to pair our cheeses with an excellent product that could highlight the distinctive flavors.